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Documentaries: Competition Programme

Out in East Berlin

An exciting, fascinating and vivid portrait of East German society is created from impressive interviews, situational scenes and historical material never shown before. A film, that especially today possesses actuality and explosiveness.

Lesbiana: A Parallel Revolution

An important part of lesbian history lesbian separatism - is brought to life through archival footage and photographs of these courageous women, many of whom are now in their seventies and eighties, and provides a legacy for modern feminists and lesbians alike.

Valentine Road

Valentine Road in addition to confronting issues of racism, transphobia, class, juvenile justice and more, is a balanced portrayal of two young boys with more in common than either of them could imagine. Told through the lens of students, teachers, family members and legal officials involved in the case, it is a heartbreaking journey with no victors.

Interior Leather Bar

Filmmakers James Franco and Travis Mathews re-imagine the lost 40 minutes from William Friedkin's Cruising as a starting point to a broader exploration of sexual and creative freedom.

We Were Here

A deep and reflective look at the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco and how individuals rose to the occasion during the first years of this unimaginable crisis.