P  L  E  T  T  E    T  E  R    V  E  L  D

O  R  G  A  N  I  S  E  R    T  R  A  N  S  C  R  E  E  N,    A  M  S  T  E  R  D  A  M

Plette ter Veld studied Fine Art at the Utrecht School of Arts and Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University. Now Plette works at Utrecht University as an IT professional. Along with Ms. Tobi from Berlin Plette creates large steel sculptures. Plette acts as a performer and has a long history as a queer-, AIDS- and gender- activist. For many years Plette has organised festivals and all kinds of art and queer events. In the distant past Plette even toured with a band through the Netherlands and was also a radio producer. Plette is one of the founders of TranScreen Trans*gender Festival in Amsterdam.

I believe that film festivals, like Side by Side and TranScreen are accumulations of arts, politics, sources of information, reunions with fellow queers / transgenders and it is FUN! Though it is always more than just hanging out and watching films. Today, more than ever, the need for sharing stories and experiences is very strong. To know we are not alone, meet and exchange is key in staying sane. I am honoured to be in the jury and I am looking forward meeting you at Side by Side."

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