DMITRY KUBASOV | RUSSIA | 2016 | 79 min.

Young Alexei is openly gay. Although his peers have no problem with his sexual orientation, his mother is unable to accept it. Butterflies a documentary portrait follows Alexei during summer break, as he spends time with his new lover Grisha, whom he met at a Tarkovsky festival.

The film takes an unusual observational approach in that the camera is often right up against peoples bodies and faces during impassioned discussions, arguments, or testimony.

Dmitry was born on 25.02.1985 in Moscow, Russia. He graduated from Shchukin Theater Institute majoring in acting and has acted in more than 15 films, including The Lake by French director Philippe Grandrieux. After his work with Philippe, Dimitry decided to pursue a career in directing, and in 2010 graduated from Marina Razbezhkina Production Studio of Documentary Film.


SEVA GALKIN: Producer, Photographer, Director. Head Editor of TGUY.RU and previously Creative Director of KVIR. Short Films: Three Time About It (2011) and Heart Attack (2014).


PRESENTER: KSENIYA GAPCHENKO - Studied at the School of Documentary Film and Theater of Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov. Worked  as a curator of film programs of the Documentary Film Center, initiated special shows, retrospectives and special events. Engaged in directing, producing and promoting independent Russian documentary films. 

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