R  A  I  N  B  O  W    F  A  M  I  L  I  E  S

Families with LGBT parents are a well-established reality not only in countries where there have been significant advances in LGBT rights but also in places where the climate is more challenging and less accepting of diversity. Rara follows the expreiences of one family who live in Chilli and depicts the choices, concerning the level of openess, they make when living in a homophobic climate. The film follows a discussion on rainbow families in Russia and how people are coping with the obstacles being created by society.  


Y  O  U  N  G    &    L  G  B  T

Following the screening of Handsome Devil there will be a discussion on the issue of being young and LGBT. In a country, where it is forbidden for teenagers to receive information about LGBT, how are teenagers copying, and how is it possible to talk to young people on the matter of sexuality when it is against the law?  


S  I  D  E    B  Y    S  I  D  E    L  G  B  T    F  I  L  M    F  E  S  T  I  V  A  L    |    2  0  1  8