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Director | Screenwriter | Novelist

Alexandra - Therese Keining, born 1976, is a director, screenwriter and novelist.

Keining debuted with the feature film Hot Dog (2003) as Swedens youngest female director and screenwriter. She is also the author of the controversial youth novel "14" and children's comic book "Nour." Her second feature film Kiss Me (With Every Heartbeat) made its world premiere at AFI in Los Angeles 2011 where it also won the Breakthrough Award. Kiss Me (With Every Heartbeat) has since been awarded and screened at over 75 film festivals all around the world.

Keining has lived in Los Angeles, where she studied at Santa Monica College and UCLA. Keining is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Its great to be back at Side by Side screening Girls Lost! I worked very closely with music composer Sophia Ersson in this film. The music is almost a character and conveys an emotional depth to the film.

We feel that the festival is one of the most important LGBT-festivals in the world. We are encouraged and thrilled to show our support!

In Girls Lost, fairy tale and imagination are mixed in a realistic depiction of what its like to grow up today, seen from a girl's perspective. At the same time, the film deals with ideas which highlight the different conditions for girls and boys through asking important questions about gender. With the film; I want to examine the limits of self and the body, and in the portrayal of Kim show that the phenomena of identity and gender is in perpetual motion, something that is constantly changing and is negotiable. I wanted to portray gender as a fluid notion, not an absolute, and explore ideas about how gender influences how we move through the world and how we are treated by others.