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Main Protagonist of the Amina Profile

Sandra Bagaria is the main protagonist of The Amina Profile, a feature length documentary based on her own experience, selected in a multitude of international film festivals including Sundance, IDFA, Hot Docs and OutFest, and shortlisted by the Academy Awards as Canadas entry to the Oscar for Best Feature Documentary.

After studying literature and working for a time in television in Paris, Sandra pursued her career in Canada since 2003, cultivating interests at the intersection of culture, media, technology and current affairs. She is now working at Phi Films department at the Phi Centre, where she specializes in cultural and media oriented ventures.

It is with great honour that I'm participating in this year's edition of Side by Side. The documentary that I am the subject of, The Amina Profile, is a complex story in which the notions of time, media trust, identity and how we connect with others are explored. Through the process of making this film and sharing it at festivals around the world, I've had the opportunity to speak with audiences and to understand the struggles LGBT communities are facing. It is extremely meaningful for me to now be able to share my experience and the film in Russia.